No, Cheras Isn’t Only Known As A Local Foodie Heaven

Placed in between the crowded Ampang and Cheras districts, Saga Hill should be considered every local hiker’s dream challenge. The enigmatic hill comprises a couple of different hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty and distance — each route offering its own little adventure, or a side quest if you will. 

The Hike Up Quirky Saga Hill

Before you begin your climb, you should note that each trail up Saga Hill is not necessarily accessible via the same entry point, so you should do well to descend the same way you hiked so that you can get to your original starting point (and your car). Otherwise, you’ll probably have to end up taking a taxi back to your initial pre-hike location.

Speaking of entry points, there are two in Cheras (Cheras Awana and Cheras Hartamas) and one in Ampang (Taman Saga). Moreover, this hike is longer and tougher than most other shorter hikes in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur such as Broga Hill. So keep yourself mentally prepared!

While making your way up the summit, observe the surroundings and take in the rarely found breath of fresh air. If you’re fortunate enough, you could even come across Saga Hill’s exotic wildlife including macaques and gibbons.

And depending on the trail you picked, you may end up at some pretty picnic spots and majestic waterfalls. Take the chance to rest your feet while enjoying the cold flowing waters and your fatigue will be washed away soon.

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