Spotify Explores Integrating Videos With New UI

Spotify is one of the places you go to for music and podcasts, but not videos, usually. That said, it looks like the music streaming service may want to change that. This will come as part of a slight makeover of the Now Playing UI.

Prolific reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong shared on Twitter an image of a tabbed Now Playing Screen of Spotify. On the right is a section labelled as Video among a total of three. The other two, Canvas and Album Art, are existing features, though the former is not exactly widely used.

Spotify is finally working on a tab to switch between Canvas, Album Art, and Video (which is new!)

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) June 20, 2020

If you’re wondering what Canvas stands for, it’s the occasional animation you see in place of an album art. It’s usually looped like a GIF, so it’s definitely no music video. But with the addition of the new Video section, music videos may actually make its way to Spotify.

That being said, even Spotify is still exploring what to do with then Video tab, so it may not end up being full music videos. Never mind the fact that the UI itself is not available to most users. Of course, one wonders what else could be placed in the Video section of a song that’s currently playing besides music videos.

(Source: Jane Manchun Wong / Twitter)

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